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The end-to-end allergy software Clarity, will automate your most time consuming allergy processes, allowing you to be more efficient, reduce medical errors and provide a better patient experience

Imagine having a virtual expert on the shoulder of every staff member in your allergy department:

  • Walking your team through every step for allergy testing, mixing, and treatment (SCIT and SLIT)
  • Providing the highest levels of safety and compliance
  • Ensuring consistency, increased scalability, and maximum throughput
  • Freeing your staff from the deluge of time-consuming paperwork
  • Using your own protocols and procedures as the foundation for every part of the process
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The Benefits of Clarity

Puzzle pieces

Customize the workflow using office protocols.

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Role-Specific Solutions
Remove pain points from all aspects of your practice.

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Consistency & Scalability
Save your team and yourself time by creating efficiencies.

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Safety shield

Safety & Compliance
Ensure highest levels of safety & compliance.

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Plug in to existing systems to create a guided workflow around your office protocols and procedures.

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We took your pain points head-on and knocked them out.



  • Reduce the time it takes to review and sign off on tests, prescriptions, and treatment.
  • Feel assured that protocols are followed and the process is consistent.
  • Provide a consistent testing and treatment experience for patients such that strong patient outcomes are achieved.


Review and approve work with the click of a box and the confidence that it was done in accordance with your protocols and procedures.

Guided workflows walk nurses and medical assistants through each part of your processes, resulting in increased consistencies, staff confidence, and better patient experiences and outcomes.



    • Train staff quickly on your protocols and procedures.
    • Follow processes consistently and without error.
    • Reduce the vast amount of time-consuming paperwork.


An intuitive platform that is simple to learn, provides on-screen guidance, and describes every step in the process so staff don’t miss anything.

Cut out the paperwork with the Clarity™ web-based interface to save time on protocols, testing, treatment, approvals, and follow-ups.



  • Ensure accurate and timely billing.
  • Efficiently track outcomes such as patient compliance with treatment and patient inaction on recommended treatment.
  • Efficiently train new staff in practices, protocols, and procedures for allergy.


Clarity helps you track the right data, including patient compliance and more, so your allergy operation is as effective and efficient as possible.

Proven ability to implement a complete allergy program from the ground up, with an intuitive interface that makes training and scalability a cinch.

Approve Test Results

Create consistency, time efficiencies, and scalability through the easy-to-use interface.

  • Saves valuable time by reviewing and approving work with the click of a button
  • Eliminates time-consuming paperwork with Clarity’s web-based interface
  • Allows you to train new staff to your processes and protocols in days vs. months with 100% confidence

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Achieve stronger patient outcomes with the guided workflow to ensure consistency.

  • Ensures error-free testing and treatment experience for patients
  • Achieves stronger patient outcomes with a workflow that ensures consistency
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Ensure the highest levels of safety and compliance.


If a step is not completed in the procedure or if there is an issue with the patient’s allergy test, a warning will appear. The test cannot continue until approved by a physician.

Clarity Safety and Compliance

Have a pulse on inventory, billing, and patient outcomes.

  • Gives a complete overview of specific antigens — where each went, who got tested, how much is left
  • Provides accurate and timely billing with ability to customize billing schedule
  • Efficiently tracks patient outcomes, tracks data over time, and monitors progress reports

“The Clarity software has helped to make our business more efficient by getting rid of hours of paperwork and simplifying all processes. The service and expert support at Clarity are exceptional. The friendly and knowledgeable staff respond to any questions or problems I have encountered with quick and effective resolutions.”

Melissa Tate, RNENT Specialist of Alabama

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